Web application

Before you start working in Unity, you first need an account at

  • Go to
  • Click Sign Up and fill out the form
  • You will be redirected to the app at
  • Click Create new game and type in a name
  • You be redirected to the Development console of your newly created game

Keep this page open in the browser since you will need it later. Now you can open up your Unity project.

Unity asset setup

Inside the Unity editor with your project open, you will need to install the free Unisave asset from the asset store:

  • Open your game project in the Unity editor
  • Open the Asset store window by going to menu Window > Asset Store
  • Search for Unisave and open this asset.
  • Click Download, then Import and import all the files

Now you need to tell the Unisave asset how to connect to the cloud service. The asset needs to know the Game token and the Editor key, both of which can be found on the Development board of your game (see the image above).

In the Unity editor, open Unisave preferences window by clicking on menu Window > Unisave > Preferences and copy-paste values from the web application:

Creating the backend folder

The Backend folder is the place where all of your Unisave related logic lives.

To create the Backend folder, simply right-click in the Assets folder and choose Create > Unisave > Backend folder.

With the Unisave asset set up and the backend folder created, you can proceed to the introduction. The following text explains updating and troubleshooting.

Updating the asset

Unity has a bit tricky asset updating. The problem is that it only adds and modifies files, it does not remove old files. This is a problem since Unisave asset is full of C# code and you want to remove deprecated files, otherwise, the update might break the Unisave asset.

The best way to install an update is to remove the Unisave folder entirely and pull the new version. You will, however, have to set the Game token again. To preserve preferences, you can delete everything except the Unisave/Resources folder.

This asset updating behavior is rather weird but it has it's reasons so we just have to deal with it.


Missing token or key

This error is shown when you have missing or incorrect Game token or Editor key. Open the Unisave preferences window and make sure they are present and correct.

Missing backend folder

This warning is shown when your Backend folder is missing. Or there's simply an incorrect path set in the Unisave preferences window.