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Bringing cloud
to your Unity project

Unisave lets you easily build a backend server for your Unity game. Database, cloud code, real-time messaging, deployment, and one Unity asset to rule them all.

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Line goes up We are growing

From sketchy prototypes to the first customer, the first big game release, and a friendly Discord community. All the kinks have been ironed out and now we're aiming upwards.

total served players

Players 1M

games brought to production

Games 20+

handled requests daily

Requests 300K

Hunters of Demaal

Turn-based board game

  • Player registration
  • Server-side validation
  • Extensive custom backend logic

Hyper-casual racing game

  • Leaderboards
  • Steam integration
  • Epic integration
Back Streets

Mobile runner game

  • Player registration
  • Cloud save
  • Online game config
Engine Evolution

Multiplayer racing game

  • Steam integration (login & IAP)
  • Discord & Email integration
  • Extensive custom backend logic

Gamified ToDo list app

  • Player registration
  • Cloud save
  • Online game config

Scalable and extensible platform

While other backend solutions provide single-purpose features, the core of Unisave is an extensible backend platform, with which new and revolutionary games can be developed.

Managed Database

You get full access to a managed ArangoDB database, in which you can store any data. Create indices for maximum performance, key-value collections, graphs, or employ full-text search capabilities.

Cloud Code

Write C# code that will be executed in a serverless environment in the cloud. It glues together your game with the database, messaging, and other external services. Perform sensitive logic here, as no player can tamper with this code.

Paper plane

Send custom messages from the server to selected game clients, thereby laying the foundation for a chat, a turn-based game, a notification system, and more. Asynchronous multiplayer has never been easier.

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