Push Notifications

Push notifications are a way for mobile devices to receive notifications when they're idle. Unisave does not provide support for push notifications, this page is meant to guide you towards services that do.

Note: There's a lot of vagueness regarding the terminology. A Notification is what you see pop up in your smartphone - the UI element. A Push Message is a message pushed from the server that wakes up your mobile device and typically triggers a Notification, now called a Push Notification.

This documentation page is the result of a discord discussion we had and we thought it might be useful to other people as well.

How do I send a push message?
You need to use a service that has the infrastructure to communicate with mobile network operators that in-turn notify your phone via the cell network, which is picked up by the operating system, which wakes up your application. It's a complicated system, somewhat described in here.

You can use:

There are definitely more, let me know if you have experience with some.

How do I display a notification from Unity?

You can use:

Will Unisave support push notifications?
Maybe in the future but it's more on the order of years than months. An integration with a third-party service like One Signal is more likely.